About Mike

Mike is a Database Administrator for an Australia law firm, but he’d rather be down at a beach or headland with his camera listening to the waves & the ka-chink of the shutter in the scant light of nautical twilight.  He maintains accounts at Flickr and deviantArt, and also a couple other blogs (eg. SQL Rocks) that are sadly neglected these days.

He lives with his wife & 3 kids in Sydney’s north and tends to spend a fair bit of time coaching junior football (a.k.a. soccer), now that his knees aren’t so happy with him playing any more.  When the opportunity presents itself he likes to get up at 4am, jump in his beat up, old car, and make a beeline to one of the awesome headlands around Sydney’s Northern Beaches or NSW’s Central Coast.

What’s in the bag?


mike dot hodgson at iinet dot net dot au

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